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Salisbury Artisan Market 7th April 2019

It was great to be back on the Thumbnail Stand!

We are thrilled to be presenting a brand new Collaboration between two of our talented Members; Trisha Wood and Joanne Spencer in the form of our 'Healing Hearts and Flowers' range of handmade jewellery and birth flower cards. Also lovely new signage for all Members on the stand to show visitors a taster of the art as they search for their favourite designs!

Salisbury Artisan Market 2nd June 2019

Even though we LOVE this wonderful Artisan Market, we know that although it's June and although we are dreaming of baking in the UK summer sun, we are a little way off the basking bit! Top Tip for trading in this windy market square: wear your thermals and pack a scarf! The chill factor didn't stop the shoppers of Salisbury and we were delighted to sell a beautiful printed canvas by Fiona Forbes.

The Walled Garden Summer Fete 5th June 2019

This is our second year of attending and we were thrilled to be back! It's a charming place and all budding gardeners should take a trip to enjoy the thoughtfully designed gardens, sculptures and cafe with farm shop. Summer? Mmmmm, the wind stopped play early, but while the sun shone, people were genuinely very happy and warm! A visit to the Farm Shop confirmed that several of our Members now have their designs on display, plus we dropped a lovely new order in whilst there. We will definitely be back next year...

Salisbury Artisan Market 7th July 2019

Unable to find a Dog Sitter for the Thumbnail pooch, we decided to take our dear little friend, Billie-Jo with us. Talk about Dog in the City! She absolutely loved it as being a country dog, she had never visited the City before and so Salisbury really took the biscuit. It's true to say that Billie did pull in the customers - most couldn't resist a Cuddle with every Card! Another successful day in Salisbury.

Mudeford Arts Festival 27th & 28th July 2019

What a sheer delight to spend two days in our favourite seaside town of Mudeford! We met so many lovely people, sold so many Cards, Prints, Healing Hearts, Calendars and Prints - we were bowled over by the love for Independent Art. Thank you to everyone who took the time to meet us over the two days and of course to the very hard working team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly all through the year to bring this amazing event to the wider community and tourists to the Dorset Coast.

Special mention to Peter French on the sale of his print 'The Prospect of Whitby'. This print has been with us on the stand for some time and never ceases to begin conversations and nostalgic moments for all who see it. Now it is sold, we genuinely wonder what people will stop to say at our stand!!!


Salisbury Artisan Market 4th August 2019

Keith attended this event solo! Hence there is 1 x Photo and 1 x amazing piece of video of said stand!

Well done Keith - it's remakable that you even had one spare eye for the camera, let alone a spare hand! It was a great day of sales and once again we thank the good people of Salisbury for their loyal custom.


Salisbury Artisan Market 1st September 2019

The September Sun shone all day, no wind across the exposed marketplace - just a relaxing ambiance of late summer shopping fused with some live jazz and the aromatic delights of street food on every corner. What a beautiful day we enjoyed. Thrilled to sell Kevin Haynes' 'Leaning on a Lamp Post' print to an equally thrilled customer. We will return for the October Market and then begins the CHRISTMAS SEASON - yes people, you heard it here first - here come the Robins and Reindeer of 2019!

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Salisbury Artisan Market 5th May 2019

Double Pitch! We were more than pleased to book this supersized stand for the May outing of the Pop-up Shop and were thrilled by all the keen visitors to the Stand. We EVEN saw some folks brave the day without their coats! Check out Jayne Bateman's Bee up a Tree pic - fun in the spring sun at Thumbnail.

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