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Jane Knox Hyder Biography

Jane Knox Hyder Page Two

Greytown Garden

Greytown Garden Options



Oceania Options

Pacific Peace


Gondwanaland Options

Lemon Life

Lemon Life Options

Pacific Power

Russian Icon

Russian Icon Options Pacifc Power Options Pacifica Options Pacific Peace Options


France 2014


Provence Options

Provence 2014

Provence 2014 Options

Pacific Peace - Blue

Pacific Peace - Blue

Pacific Peace (Red/Blue)


China Blue

China Blue Options

China Blue 2

China Blue 2 Options

Jane’s Garden

Jane's Garden Options

Garden Diptych

Garden Diptych Options Pacific Peace (Red/Blue) Options Spring Options Harmony Options France 2014 Options Floral 1 Options


Thrive Options

Fiesole Collage

Fiesole Collage Options

Villa Corsano Collage

Villa Corsano Collage Options

Bless Collage

Bless Collage Options


Floral 1

French Fields Options Hope

French Fields

Hot Pink

Hot Pink Options

Katherine Mansfield in France

War Museum Australia, Anzacs

Katherine Mansfield in France Options War Museum Australia, Anzacs Options Garden Room Options

Garden Room

Tuscan Tour 1

Tuscany Tour Options

Tuscan Tour 2

Tuscany Tour 2 Options

Colonial Harbour

Colonial Harbour Option

Fiosole, Italy

Fiosole, Italy Options

City Flower Shop

City Flower Shop Options

Garden Shop Sydney

Garden Shop Sydney Options

Italian Garden

Italian Garden Options

Croatian Dream

Croatian Dream

City Studio, Wellington

A Fair Go

City Studio, Wellington A Fair Go

La Cigale

Meremeko & Me

La Cigale Mexican Table

Wellington Studio

Wellington Studio

Mansfield Monday

Mansfield Monday

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Mexican Tablecloth

Mexican Table

My Mother’s House

My Mother's House 2

My Mother’s House 2

Aperitif Collage


Aperitif Collage Aperitif My Mother's House

Villa Corsano, Tuscany

Villa Corsano Options

Festival in Siena

Festival in Siena Options

Frida Kahlo Wallhanging

Pataka Power

Frida Kahlo Wallhanging Pataka Power

Grandmother’s Studio

Grandmother's Studio

The Artist’s Home

The Artist's Home

Cuba Street Cool

Cuba Street Cool

Cuba Street Cafes

Wellington Vibe

Nikau Cafe