As an established and experienced artist I often reflect upon the time I spent teaching myself the basics. My work has always been based on my instincts, with the majority of my inspiration coming from the nature around me and the unique perspectives added by light.   

Given the opportunity I would spend every moment painting landscapes and seascapes in mixed media, my burning passion is to capture my feelings towards nature in my artwork. Light also plays a big part in my artwork, acting as a constant inspiration and helping to create a more inventive picture of the nature around me. Although I prefer to work on location, capturing the true emotion of a scene, I am often confined to my studio where I detach myself from the world to paint from photographs.

I am fortunate to live amongst the stunning back-drop of the Somerset countryside and having a second home by the sea in Cornwall provides endless additional inspiration. Over the years I've developed a special bond with Cornwall stretching back to my childhood when my parents bought a second home in North Cornwall. Now my family is fortunate enough to own that home and all our holidays with children are spent there too. The inspiration of Somerset and Cornwall are endless, and it seldom takes more than a few minutes to find a perfect subject to paint.